Before a user's permission can be set they must first have an account within Core Data. To create an account for a user, the institutional Data Manager must upload account information for the user through Data Management.

Once an account has been created for a user, a Site Administrator or Admin can then go to Users to search for a user by first and last name or by username to bring up their account. The Site Administrator or a user with permission level of Admin can then set permissions for the user as either an Admin, Creator or Viewer, see below for a description of each permission level. 

Admin Permission

  • Has the ability to create data visualizations, dashboards, narratives and presentation decks. 
  • Can add additional users and manage existing user permissions.
  • Can adjust the default visualization color palette.
  • Can create and share custom Measures with other Insight users.
  • Can share Dashboards, Narratives, and Measures decks with other users.

Creator Permission

  • Has the ability to create data Visualizations, Dashboards, and Narratives.
  • Can share Dashboards and Narratives with other Insight users.

Viewer Permission

  • These users will have view only access to content (Dashboards or Narratives) that has been shared with them. 
  • Does not have the ability to create or modify any content inside of Insight.
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