Slicers are an easy-to-use filtering component that use Dimensions to quickly filter a Dashboard and its respective views, as well as provide another layer of interaction for consumers of the dashboard.

In the screenshot below we have a Student Demographics dashboard with a signal view. This dashboard provides us with great information about the institution as a whole, but perhaps campus constituents want to see demographics by enrollment status and school of enrollment.

You could go in and create those visualizations by applying filters directly to the visualizations on this dashboard. This approach would be time-consuming and require you to build separate dashboards with each visual filtered by status and school. In addition, this would not allow our dashboard consumers to interact with the data.

We can not only fulfill this request much quicker and efficiently through the use of dashboard slicers, but we can also add another layer of interactivity for our consumers.








In the screenshot directly above, you can see that we have applied two slicers, Enrollment Status and School with a set of toggles below each slicer and you can see how all of the visualizations on the dashboard have changed.Now when we share this dashboard with other users they will be able to turn toggles on/off and watch the data change across all of the views of our dashboard. In our example above you can see that “Full-Time” and “School of Business” are toggled on, which will show only students that meet both criteria of being full-time and are enrolled in the School of Business.

Only data that meets the criteria between both slicers will be displayed on the dashboard. The logic within a slicer works more like an “or” statement. For example, let’s say that we have only a single closer of enrollment status with three options (full-time, part-time, no status). If both full-time and part-time are toggled we will see students that are enrolled as part-time or full-time, but students that are “no status” will be filtered from our visualizations.

Adding a Slicer to A Dashboard

A slicer(s) can be enabled for a dashboard through the dashboard editing screen. While in edit mode, you can click on plus buttonStudent_Demographics___Dashboards___Insight.png directly below the Views section. Once you do that you will see the ability to add a slicer(s). The ability to add or remove a slicer from a given dashboard is only available to the user that created the dashboard. Only users with the permission of Admin or Creator can create a dashboard and add slicers to a dashboard they have created.

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