After you have created and saved a narrative you will have the ability to share it with other users. Simply click on the share button located just below the filter section of the Narrative edit screen.

Upon clicking the share button another window will open where you can search for and add a user. Once you have found the user you are looking for, click on their name from the list and they will be added to the list of users that can access your narrative in a view only mode. You may also remove users from this screen as well by simply clicking the "Remove" button.



*If you are searching for a user and they do not appear in the drop-down list they may not have an account within Campus Labs Core Data. You should check with your institution's Data Manager if you need to add an account for a user.


Now when your user clicks into the Narratives area of Insight there will be a new section labeled "Narratives Shared With Me" and they will see a list of Narratives shared from others user they will be able to view.



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