A CE Measure is a custom data point created by a user from either one or multiple Course Evaluation questions. Only questions on a point scale can be used to create a Measure. Once a measure has been created, the average response of the chosen question(s) will be returned as a single data point that can then be used within a visualization. If you choose one or more questions for a measure, the average response for each question will be averaged together to create a single data point.



Here you can see we have selected two questions from our Homegrown Evaluation tool, one with an average response of 4.0 and the second with an average response of 4.80.



If we look at what is returned when we select our "Example Measure," we can see we get the average of the two questions as a single data point that we can build a visualization on top of.



  • Users with a permission level of Admin have the ability to create, modify and publish a Measure(s).
    • Publishing a Measure will allow other users with either Admin or Creator permission levels to utilize the Measure in their own visualizations.  
  • Users with both permission levels of Admin or Creator can use a Measure in the process of building a visualization. 



To get started with Measures simply click on the Measure button, outlined in yellow below, from the main landing page inside of Insight. A user can also navigate to Measures from the left navigation from clicking on the Measure  The_instructor_treated_students_with_respect_1___Measures___Insight.png  button.



As demonstrated in the video above, to create a measure you need todo the following:

  1. Provide your measure with a title
  2. Choose the Course Evaluation instrument where the question(s) is from which you would like to create a measure
  3. Select your question(s) from
  4. Click "Create Measure" 


Once you have created your measure and saved it, additional options will appear. From here you will be able to make changes to your measure and save them, share your measure and make it available for all Insight Admins and Creators to use when they build a visualization, as well as delete a measure.

Now that you have created your measure you can build a visualization using that data point. If you share your newly created measure, other Admins and Creators may not use it to build visualizations from as well. 


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