Users have the ability to share a Dashboard through several methods, such as a public link, embedded into a web page or with fellow Insight users.

The ability to share is only enabled after a Dashboard has been saved. Once the saved, the user will need to click the "Edit" blobid1.png button and they will now see the "Share" blobid2.png button appear. 


Upon clicking the share button a menu will pop up as an overlay on your dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below. 


Share with an Insight User


To share a dashboard with another Insight user,  simply search for the user you would like to share that Dashboard within the “Share with another user…." and click save. If you would like to remove a user, simply click the “ delete” button next to their name. When a Dashboard is shared with another user they will only have view-only access, meaning they will not be able to edit or change the Dashboard.

Only users that have accounts in your institution Core Data Accounts area will be accessible to share with. If you cannot find a user, they may need to be added to Core Data and you should contact your site administrator. 

To enable the option to share a public URL or to copy Embedded code, you first need to toggle the “Make available to public” option. Once toggled, these options will be displayed on the same menu, as shown above.


Share a Public Link


Once you have toggled the “Make available to public” option you can simply copy the Url and share it with anyone you would like. Those you share it with do not need an account within Insight to view the dashboard. 


Embed Dashboard


A second option will appear upon toggling on “Make available to public.” This option provides the user with an iframe they may copy and paste into another web page or web application, such as Campus Lab’s Accreditation, Program Review or Planning.


When the embed code is pasted into a web page or web application it maintains its full functionality. For example, if a user clicks on a bar from a bar chart it will filter the rest of the visuals. 

To embed an insight dashboard into Program Review, Accreditation or Planning, simply pick the requirement or item and toggle the HTML view and paste in the embed code. 


Sharing in Presentation View


You have the option to share the dashboard in a full-screen mode, also known as “Presentation View”, by toggling on the “Open in presentation view.” When this is enabled the dashboard will stretch and take up the entire window on the browser. If you choose this option, both the title of the dashboard and slicers are hidden so the full focus is on the dashboard. A user can switch off the presentation mode by hovering their mouse at the bottom of the browser window, at which point a menu will appear from the bottom where they can click the “exit”  button as shown in the screenshot below.

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