Why do I not have the ability to share a Dashboard, Narrative, or Course Evaluation custom measure?

  • In order to share either a Dashboard, Narrative, or CE custom measure you will need to first create the given item and save it. This then “anchors” the item into Insight. Once that has happened you will want to click the “edit” button and upon doing so you will now see the “share” Screen_Shot_2017-07-25_at_11.46.45_AM.pngbutton.
  • It is important to know that permissions can impact what a given user has the ability to share. For a more in-depth understanding of user permissions, we encourage you to read the Setting Up User Roles and Permissions article. If you believe your permissions need to be adjusted you should contact your institution’s site administrator. 


I am trying to share Dashboard with a colleague, but when I search for them I am unable to find their account, am I missing a step?

  • It sounds like your colleague is not an Insight user and therefore will need to be added by your institution’s site administrator. This would also be the case if you were trying to share a Narrative and unable to find their account. 


I am a Site Administrator and would like to add a new account(s) to provide access to Insight, but I do not see an “add account” option inside of Insight. How do I add a new account?

  • If you are searching for a new user’s account in order to provide access to Insight and are unable to find the account chances are that it does not yet exist inside of Core Data - Accounts. You will need to contact your institution’s Data Manager to load accounts into Core Data or make an adjustment to your API. Once that occurs you should then be to see the given account and provide that user with access to Insight.



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