When it comes to data visualization, color can play a very important role in helping an audience quickly distinguish varying piece(s) of information. A color scheme can establish a tone or mode for a particular data point. It is for this reason that Insight allows users to add custom colors to their visualizations. 
In the screenshot below you can see the impact color can have on a visualization. In this example, we have displayed the data point of students that have not met the given outcome in red. We choose red as it is typically associated with action, emergency or danger. In the case of an institution, students that are not meeting an outcome(s) is in need of action or can indicate a larger issue.

Multiple Colors per Visualization

Only visualizations that have more than one Measure or Dimension can have more than a single color applied to them. In the screenshot above you can see that we have multiple dimensions. Our section dimension has the multiple colors applied to it. 

Default Color Palette

    While creating a visualization you may notice a preset of colors appear in the visualization builder. These colors are typically set by the site administrator. Users with the permission level of Creator or Admin have the ability to adjust these colors on the fly. If you wish to change the color, simply click on it and a color picker will pop up, as shown below. You have the option to enter either hex or RGB values or by using the sliders in the color palette. To remove a color or change its order click the trashcan or arrows to the right of the color to make adjustments. 

Setting an Institutional Default Color Palette 

    Site administrators have the ability to set a custom color palette that users with permissions of admin or creator have access to use when building visualizations. While a site administrator can set a default color palette, users still have the option to change and adjust colors per visualization if they choose. 
To create a default color palette, simply navigate to the settings section of Insight and choose “Visualization Options,” as shown below.
Click the plus button to add a new color. Once a new color has been added you can click on that color and a color picker will pop up, as shown below. You can enter both hex and RGB values that your marketing department might supply you with for your institutions branded colors.
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